Cool Apps of the Week | 04.24

Lookin’ for the coolest apps to add to your phone’s home screen? Let us do the scouring so you can simply hit the DL button. Here are three cool apps that have our attention this week…

Share the stories of your life with a few simple clicks. Hard-pressed to find the time to create captivating and interactive stories to share with your friends? Well, this is the app for you. Originally operating as a failed web platform, the Qwiki app launched back in February and helps you create short, visually stimulating storyboards using the best videos and pictures your phone has. Sharing your life with a real storytelling app is better than a 140-character update!

First, start by choosing pictures and videos from your library (or even let Qwiki choose for you). Next, select a song from your music library or give it a try with the cool soundtracks Qwiki has to offer (I used one of theirs in my Qwiki video, below). After choosing pics and music, you will be able to design your photos by adding various filters to the movie. After the slideshow is created, you will still be able to make changes to it – switch music, speed of pictures, filters, etc.

Somewhat similar to Twitter’s Vine app, or others like Socialcam, Viddy, or Animoto, with their “storytelling” platform, Qwiki’s aim is to be more than just a video sharing app.

Finally, what would a social app be without a Like button? Share your Qwiki vids like mine below and make your friends jealous of all the fun you’re having. Now that’s qwik gratification!

Find it: Online or the App Store
Available Platforms: iPhone 3GS and above, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and above, iPad (Android should be available in 3-6 months)
Cost: Free

Sunrise might be the last calendar app you will ever use. In fact, this great app is more than just an agenda, it synchronizes every social media event that you have and puts it into one place. Sunrise will help you remember friends’ birthdays, appointments, meetings or must-attend events. Not only does Sunrise brings all your data into a great looking app, it also allows you to post on Facebook, email participants, and will navigate you to your next appointment.

Though at the moment Sunrise is exclusive to iOS, it’s still capable of automatically syncing with your Google Calendar in real time. The app understands time zones and is able to match calendars and alerts wherever you are, so if you are traveling and having issues with scheduling events, this is the app you need.

Find it: App Store
Available Platforms: iPhone 3GS and above, iPad
Cost: Free

4 Pics 1 Word
Available on Android and IOS, this new addictive app might command a bit too much of your attention if you have things to do. The game is pretty simple and straightforward: In each level, four pictures will be displayed onscreen with blanks and letter tiles below. The game is to guess what it is these images have in common and find the word to describe them using the letters given. Correctly guess the theme and you will be rewarded with “coins” and progress to the next level.

The first five levels will be pretty easy and are sufficient in hooking you into the game before the challenges become more tasking. If you ever get stuck (and you probably will) just tap the bomb icon at the bottom of the screen and get the option to remove some of the available letters in exchange for your earned “coins”. If you ever get stuck and don’t have any more coins, you have the possibility to buy some (0.99 for 350 coins), or just ask your friends on Facebook by tapping the Facebook button.

Got some free time? Not anymore.

Find it: Google Play Store, App Store
Available Platforms: Android 2.2 and above, iPhone 3GS and above, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and up, iPad
Cost: Free


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