Buzz Fix: IKEA Eying Designer Collaborations?

While we’re sad that we’ll never see the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection here in Canada, we may have something better coming our away.

The Financial Post is reporting that IKEA Canada is going to bring 10 limited-edition designer partnership product lines annually to the Great White North. After the Swedish furniture retailer’s spectacular showing at the Interior Design Show 2015, we could not be more excited.

The Post quotes IKEA Canada president Stefan Sjostrand as saying, “I want it to be exciting for customers — I want them to come back to visit us more often. The products] might not last for a month if they are very popular. We really try to do work with innovative designers. When we do that, I think we will get a good boost in sales.”


Not that IKEA Canada needs a boost in sales or anything. The world’s most popular furniture store was a major shopping destination for Canadians last year, with 25 million customers in-store, 60 million visits online, and over $1.6 billion in revenue (a 5.2% rise from the year before).

The first collection in the series, called “Sprutt,” will focus on home storage and organizational products such as stools that double as laundry baskets. Gotta love that Swedish innovation, eh?

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